$16 (LP)
$13 (CD)
$9 (MP3)
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1. Lullaby (For Wolf)
2. Cirrus
3. Rattler
4. Lungs
5. Sleep Deprivation
6. Life (pt 1)
7. Jamie (Cuvver)
8. Bender
9. Theme
10. Life (pt 2)

Life LP/CD

2015 Thrill Jockey

Solo album #3. Lullabies, a Joanna Gruesome cover, and at least one White Zombie reference. Cover art by Sto

"Fantastic miniature slabs of electronic noise, rhythm and melody, Friel's solo releases played to the lo-fi avant-garde set, but also manifested as melancholy pop." - NPR
Total Folklore
$14 (LP)
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$9 (MP3)
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1. Ulysses
2. Windmills
3. Valedictorian
4. Intermission #1
5. Velocipede
6. Scavengers
7. Intermission #2
8. Thumper
9. Landslide
10. Intermission #3
11. Swarm
12. Badlands

Total Folklore LP/CD

2013 Thrill Jockey

Solo album #2. Twelve tracks of heavy electronic psych laced with crusty field recordings of basketball games, failing radios, Con Edison strikes, and a Tokyo pachinko parlor. Cover art by Maya Hayuk.

"They're not electronic dance music; they are marches and rockers, with melodies running at speeds from processional to punk while whizzing, crashing, sliding, beeping, chirping sounds ricochet all over. The key is that the melodies are hearty ones.. It's a merry onslaught." - The New York Times
1. Ghost Town (pt 1)
2. Desert Song
3. One Legged Cowboy
4. Appliances of Bremen
5. Buzzards
6. Ghost Town (pt 2)
7. Singing Sand
8. Horse Heaven

Ghost Town LP/CD

2008 Important Records

Solo album #1. Pre-apocalyptic party jams abound. Cover art by Shawn Reed (Wet Hair/Night People)

"While Ghost Town lacks the archness of LCD Soundsystem or the full-pelt charge of Holy Fuck, its dizzying shifts between harmony and simmering white noise, and Friel's playful but intense layering of contrasting sound textures make it the equal of both." - Wire


1. Valedictorian
2. Exoskeleton
3. Exoskeleton (Moss of Aura remix)
4. Ulysses (Peaking Lights remix)

Valedictorian/Exoskeleton 12"

2012 Thrill Jockey

Two new songs and two deep remixes by Peaking Lights and Moss of Aura (Gerrit from Future Islands).

"You're probably about 10 to 15% more powerful then you were before you heard that track" - Tom Ravenscroft, BBC
1. Staring Contest
2. Trip Commander
    (MP3 excerpt)

Mincemeat or Tenspeed vs Dan Friel 7" aka MINCEDANMEATFRIELORTENSPEED

2011 Ormolycka

Collaborative constructions with Providence noisemeister Mincemeat or Tenspeed. Edition of 300 on blue vinyl.


Split Cassette with DUBKNOWDUB

2011 Green Age (Sold Out)

Split with Brooklyn free psych titans DUBKNOWDUB. Sold out edition of not a whole lot.

1. Obsoleter
2. Pink Helicopters (MP3)
3. Intervention '05
4. Glass Kite
5. Imploder
6. Untitled '05

Obsoleter EP

2009 Spooky Tree Records (12" EP)
2006 Night People (Cassette EP - Sold Out)

Originally released on cassette by Night People back in 2006. Went out of print for a while, and is now back in vinyl only form, courtesy of Spooky Tree Records. Cover art by Shawn Reed (Wet Hair/Night People)

1. Dead Batteries (MP3)
2. Green Lights
3. Death
4. Tractor Calls
5. Seven Sisters
6. B2BS
7. Quitting

Sunburn EP

2004 Velocirecords (CD)

Released by the mighty Sam Hunt on the now defunct Velocirecords. Partially transparent "fan" CD packaged in reused jewel cases.

"The music he ends up with sounds like little else out there, a heaving mass of static beats, monolithic distortion, and bending, diving tones.. a unique and uncompromising sound that ultimately transcends its limitations." - Pitchfork

broken man going to work
1. Hi, I'm if you live through this with me I swear that I would die for you
2. Portasound
3. Broken Man Going To Work
4. Nosebleed
5. I Hate Stabbers
6. Nephelococcygia
7. Untitled (MP3)

Broken Man Going To Work EP

2001 self-released (CD)

The deep old school. A few of these tracks got retooled and renamed on the first Parts & Labor record . A few of them were recorded with a boombox in my 1999-2001 Bed-Stuy basement. Probably for true heads only, but not without it's charm. There aren't any more CD covers/sleeves left, but I'm happy to just throw the CD in with other orders, or just send it to you if you pay for postage.

"Strange and wonderful, and best of all, unlike anything else we can think of."
- Time Out New York