Dan Friel is an electronic musician and composer based in Brooklyn.


"They're not electronic dance music; they are marches and rockers, with melodies running at speeds from processional to punk while whizzing, crashing, sliding, beeping, chirping sounds ricochet all over. The key is that the melodies are hearty ones.. It's a merry onslaught." - The New York Times

"Fantastic miniature slabs of electronic noise, rhythm and melody, Friel's solo releases played to the lo-fi avant-garde set, but also manifested as melancholy pop." - NPR

"This is noise pop that doesn't stint on either side of the bargain, striking a perfect balance between cataclysmic and catchy." - Pitchfork

"You're probably about 10 to 15% more powerful then you were before you heard that track" - Tom Ravenscroft, BBC

"Strange and wonderful, and best of all, unlike anything else we can think of." - Time Out New York

BOOKING/HELLO: danfriel@danfriel.com
BIO: danfriel.com/bio.html

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Alarm Magazine co-interview w/ Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt/Black Pus)
WNYC's Soundcheck (w/ in-studio set)
The Out Door

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