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broken man going to work
1. Hi, I'm if you live through this with me I swear that I would die for you
2. Portasound
3. Broken Man Going To Work
4. Nosebleed
5. I Hate Stabbers
6. Nephelococcygia
7. Untitled (MP3)

Broken Man Going To Work EP

2001 self-released (CD)

The deep old school. A few of these tracks got retooled and renamed on the first Parts & Labor record . A few of them were recorded with a boombox in my 1999-2001 Bed-Stuy basement. Probably for true heads only, but not without it's charm. There aren't any more CD covers/sleeves left, but I'm happy to just throw the CD in with other orders, or just send it to you if you pay for postage.

"Strange and wonderful, and best of all, unlike anything else we can think of."
- Time Out New York